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Keep your exotic pet healthy with small feeder quail.

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Jumbo Rat 5 Pack (275-500g) $34.99. Welcome to the home of Rogue Valley Quail and Feeder Mice, Inc. We supply quail and mice to organizations, breeders, rehabilitation experts and hobbyist nationwide. ALL FROZEN SHIPMENTS ARE $25 FLAT RATE SHIPPING NO MATTER THE QUANTITY ORDERED! Perfect Prey is a leading supplier of frozen feeder rats, which are ideal for reptile breeders and pet snake owners. We work hard to provide the most nutrient dense frozen quail on the market for high performance raptors.

602-456-0436 info@swgamebirds.com. Home; Hatching Eggs; Live Birds; Frozen Quail; Farm Shop; Blog; Select Page. Guaranteed frozen arrival! Check out our large selection of Frozen Rat Feeders for sale in convenient packaging, and with low prices!

Large Rat 5 Pack (200-274g) $29.99. Our 1 oz. Some snake owners may be concerned that rats may be too big for their particular breed of snake. All Feeder animals are freshly frozen and accompanied by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Frozen Quail for Sale. Frozen Quail. Frozen Rats For Sale. … Frozen quail for sale, frozen bird of prey food. They are shipped and delivered fresh and frozen. Large Rat 10 Pack (200-274g) $59.99 . Add To Cart. Our links offer a great long term alternative to frozen mice and frozen rats, including a whole range of health benefits.

Add To Cart. Frozen Feeder Animals for birds of prey & reptiles etc.. LM Quail Farms carries all sizes of frozen quail as Feeder animals from one day old quail to even retired breeder quail.Our birds are fed a scientifically designed and nutritionally complete diet resulting in a premium quality feeder quail. Underground Reptiles supplies some of the best feeder mice and rats for sale including pinkies, fuzzys, hoppers and adult mice. We breed Cortunix quail and feeder mice to supply quality feed for birds of prey (Raptors), reptiles and bird dog training. Add To Cart. Frozen rodents are also ideal for raptors (birds of prey) as they eat rats and mice in the wild. Jumbo Rat 10 Pack (275-500g) $75.99.

Purchase frozen quail chicks for your snake or bird of prey online today.

frozen quail chicks are a high-quality, nutritious feeder for small carnivorous pets, with industrial zip-lock freezer packaging to ensure they'll retain their freshness. 0 Items.